Ffynnon access statement

Ffynnon is a Victorian property sited on a hill with rooms set on two main floors with four level changes of more than a single step.

We aim to provide and ensure that all of our guests have comfortable facilities. All requests are dealt with efficiently and all guests are made to feel welcome throughout the course of their stay.

  • We have on-site, marked parking bays no more than 5 metres from the entrance to the property.
  • There is good external lighting in the garden, parking areas, terraces and entrance ways.
  • Access to the gardens and childrens’ play area is available either via a slight slope or a series of 3 steps.
  • The local town centre is a few minutes walk from the guesthouse via a series of narrow lanes.
  • There is a bus station a few minutes walk from the guesthouse with a frequent well connected service.
  • The main train station is 20 minutes away by car in Barmouth.
  • There is a taxi service in the town for which we can make bookings.
  • Access to the property is via 6 steps which, due to their gradient, make the use of a ramp difficult.
  • Main entrance and most internal doors are wide enough to accommodate walking frames or pushchairs but access is limited for wheelchairs.
  • A porter service is provided to assist guests with luggage.
  • The reception area is level throughout, well lit and has comfortable seating areas.
  • The guest lounge and dining room area are on the same level as the reception with no steps between them.
  • Guests will be required to negotiate a minimum of 23 steps and 4 level changes to the most accessible bedrooms which makes them unsuitable for wheelchair users.
  • Handrails are provided on all stairways.
  • Bath/shower grab handles and seats are available upon request.
  • Corridors and stairways have a good colour contrast and are wide and well-lit.
  • Adjustable task lighting is provided in the guest lounge and all bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Assistance dogs are welcome in all guest areas.
  • There are internal telephones in all bedrooms for communication with staff or other rooms.
  • There is good mobile phone availability throughout the building, town and surrounding area.
  • Menus and guest information are available in large print.
  • The owners live on-site and are available to assist whenever possible.
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